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Have received several different COSTS for cab and private transportation services

to and from airport.  Location specific to AJIJIC/CHAPALA/JOCOTEPEC

Location price for Racquet Club and or EL Chante ?

Some private drivers have mentioned additional cost with meter running when

having to wait at airport for more than 20 to 30 minutes longer than flight arrival time.

Is this additional charge typical? 


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Yes definitely ask befire you move an inch no matter where you are or going.

A year or so ago my first trip to ajijic. I was at the Technology school near the tire store on libremento. I needed to go to a pharmacy. Thet called me a cab and told me pharmacy guadalajara waz just up the road in ajijic. A five min drive. The cab arrived I asked to go to the pharmacy mentioned and off we went. He asked was I going for a lot of things? I told him i was picking up one box of medicine and going straight back to school. He said he would wait. I went in. No lines. I paid the person and left. Maybe 3 minutes. The driver asked where else did I need to go. I said straight back to school. I think the whole trip was 15 minutes. 20 max. I thank him and asked how much. He said $250. I paid and gave I think a 20 peso tip. Later I brought it up to one of the teachers that ajijic was a little expensive. I've been to cities that just a few blocks was 20 us dollars. But I had used taxi in Zapopan and it was cheaper. The teacher that u was saying ajijic was high about had a cow. She even. Called the number that we originally called for the cab to try to find out his identity. LOL. She told me it should have been no more than 100. So always ask. Quite frankly even if I had asked and he answered 250 I still would have gone not knowing that was a high price.



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I RARELY have a driver pick me up at the airport. That is only reserved for first time or elderly visitors. The airport taxis are perfectly fine for coming home. Going TO the airport I have my favorite drivers and the charge is about 500pesos from San Antonio. 

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