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First time visiting Ajijic

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My thoughts:

5 days gives the OP an idea if he/she even wants to be in the area.

On our first visit I knew right away that I loved the place (in 2000) but not everybody did in our group.

But as OP..... we did not want to cut ties with our "origins" only to have a place to escape from our northern lifestyle.

As we age we visit less often and shorter time. Time has changed many things since we first visited and although the climate is still favourable our lifestyle south became not so dissimilar what we have up north.  Which can be positive for everyone coming down nowadays. Easy Mexico living. No need for Spanish, shopping in Walmart, Costco, Amazon... etc. 

 Northerners are the reason for prices climbing rapidly as Mexicans are taking advantage of this tight community of "rich" foreigners around Ajijic. But, If one comes from California or New York it is considerably cheaper living in comparison.

In fairness, there are still plenty of local attractions, such as history, rituals,  interesting sights and nature for new people to be amazed by, if they do not mind to mingle.. It has not changed (so far) and perhaps good reason for living lakeside....  until that time when you can say "been there, done that".  

IMHO... the spirit of the place has changed with the new crowds coming down  which could be good or bad or just simply different .....depending on who you are and what expectations you (or I ) have at the present stage of our life.

I would like to also mention: in Mexico you are on your own. Do not expect any help in case of trouble (especially if it includes Mexican national). If you cannot handle it stay where you are. Existing Mexican laws are not generally followed. One has to learn the unwritten "law of the land".

It is not wise to say to Mexican:  it is against the law or... you will sue.  Suing in Mexico not a gainful proposition .



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I was here two hours when I decided Ajijic was IT for me. We visited 10 years after that and nothing changed. We started out as mountain/view people and changed to village people for a wonderful 15 years. We now in our second year mountain side and we love that too. Rent until you decide. Do you mind driving at night. Many who settle on the outskirts end up driving back to Ajijic several times a day to shop, visit, and party


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You should get a good feel for the village of Ajijic from the Nueva Posada and strolling around the plaza. The great weather will be obvious. If you can schedule to be here for the Day of the Dead you will also get to see a major Mexican fiesta in action. LCS is a great place to start, and you can spot a table of expats at almost any restaurant, and they will be willing to chat. You should also post here again about your specific interests: either things you already enjoy, or want to enjoy if/when you live here. There are extensive social groups, from local travel to cooking/eating to language classes to charities to the fine arts to hiking/boating to faith to crafts to whatever. Finding the group who wants to do what you like to do is pretty easy and important to how much you will enjoy your lakeside life. Good luck!

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Hi Everyone ! Im newbie and Im searching for recommendations or your experiences doing hiking or outdoor activities, especially with security since I've heard about everything. Thank you!

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Do you like fishing? The next meeting of the Ajijic Fishing Club is 9 am January 7 at Fonda Dona Lola. Look here:


Hiking? Weekly hikes meet on Tuesday and Friday at Min Wah Restaurant around 8-8:30. The Facebook page is: Ajijic Hiking Group.


Birding? Read the monthly newsletter for information on activities. For January events, the December newsletter has phone number and email contact information. 



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