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Carved stone & clay sculptures show

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Lakeside residents have a rare opportunity to view and purchase stone carvings and clay figures created by emerging artist  Ramón Solorzano at the first public showing of his work. They may also meet Ramón who is a master stone mason by trade and an artist by heart. When a customer whose stone wall he repaired asked him if he had come across any interesting stones she could place in her garden he brought her several. She chose one she called the Madonna because of its natural shape. Ramón began seeing the stones around him in a different way. In the evenings after work he began to carve. He said, “I look at the stones and wait for them to me who they are.” One day he showed his work to friend Eduardo Jimenez who suggested Ramón could sell them. They would load up the trunk of Eduardo’s car and visit the customers for whom Eduardo is a handyman. He sold that first group quickly and more people asked to see his work. To help expose even more people to this gifted artist Beede Satterthwaite and Shirley Thayer are hosting an exhibit and sale from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 29th at Los Charales #417 in Chapala. There are a range of sizes and mediums. Prices range from 150 to 2500 pesos. Coming from the west end of Pepe Gazar (Soriana), travel east until you see Mama Chuy’s at Teofilo Silva. Turn north (left). The first cross street is Los Charales, turn west (left). Look for the light blue gate on your left. 





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