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Transitos in La Canacinta?


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10 minutes ago, dave0415 said:

The answer is that you do not go to jail in the first place. What the transitos are doing is against both State and Federal laws. Exercise your rights and leave them standing at the side of the road

I hope you read Spenser's document. If you did not you are making very misinformed comments. 

If you read the document you will  understand my commentsMX

Not sure how long you have lived in Mx, but document's and rules and regulations are word's written on paper....just give the guy , who waiving good by to his car on the flatbed , your name for reference to get his car out of the pound

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That article, though, was about cops, not transitos.

As far as this spot check, these are not Chapala transitos; these are Jalisco (state) agents, and they do  have the right to issue tickets. El Gordo may have been "helping out" to see about getting his little bite here and there, but unless something mystical took place, he ain't no Jalisco Semov.

I drove by again, papers all out and ready to be flagged down, and El Gordo was not in sight. The two agents seemed happy to be reviewing one vehicle at a time.

My own copies of Spencer's law briefs show that temporale vehicles are not subject to smog checks, but it is very sketchy. From what I understand from Dale's column in the paper this week, there is an assumption that six months is the time period, but that really refers to the length of the T.I.P., and once you have temporale papers, the time extends to the end of your temporale, or the beginning of your permanente. I know this for a fact.

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