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Baby Boomers buying or renting


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As a retiree one should ask himself, why I want to live in Mexico? For me on top of the list its weather and cost of living. With that in mind Im not viewing housing as an investment as I did NOB. Yes, I bought a house in Mexico. I need a place live and the price was right. There are family houses, vacation homes and in my case a small retiree house .

Baby boomers, planning on moving to Mexico what do you want a family house, vacation home or a retiree house.? Buy or rent? In the long run buying is cheaper. If one is buying you need to have the cash ready. Here its cash.



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House in Mx.

I bought when I came here in 2004. Large home in Vista Del Lago. 4,200 sq. ft. 3 stories, swimming pool, view to other side of laks; US$120,000.

Sold it 2-3 years later, don't recall price.

Value today, based on other listings (not necessarily sales price), US$690,000.

Bought a small place in Chapala Haciendas after that (actually before I sold; it was a fire sale). US$60,000. Rubber stamp home next door just sold for US$90,000. I intend to die in this house.


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7 hours ago, Tony321 said:

Yes. us$90,000 is a good price. Darn good price, you know what just lots there are now going for. A good friend bought a lot there back in 08.  She try selling it for years, no takers. Now she is holding on to it.

If she can afford to, your friend might do well to build a small 1 bedroom casita or studio in a corner of the property. It would then be attractive to someone who wants to build a larger place, as they could stay in the casita during construction, and later use it as a guest house or rental, or for live-in caretaker.  Or someone who would be happy to live in a one-bedroom casita forever.

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