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Pomegranate liquor tasting for Bingolago players Sept 25, 2018 12:30 PM

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Attn All Bingolago players


The dams upstream  may be opened to let more water in lake Chapala in the coming next three weeks. If so the water may fill up the parking lot in front of Maria Isabel restaurant. 

The best parking is on the west side  of Maria Isabel Restaurant,. Can park behind Lake Chapala Society and walk over.

Just a heads up to let you know, so you do not get your car stuck in the mud if water rizes.



maria isabel parking.JPG

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The dams are already open and the water is rising as it does almost every year in September. You will be OK parking on the upper beach. I do it every Friday when I go to the LCS computer club meeting.  Now if it were 2010 when the lake was much higher, there might have been a problem, but not this year.

Yes the lake is already much higher than it was last year. But the water level would have to go up almost one meter higher to block parking on the upper shore and that aint going to happen between now and tomorrow, nor this year.

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