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Want some input from someone who really knows.

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I want to keep this positive. Had a horrific experience with a dentist in Ajijic that resulted in a major infection and 8 weeks of pain, antibiotics. I V s, hospitalization and surgery to drain 3 infected abscesses . It was not major dental work that was done; it was a routine replacement of two old fillings. Please do your homework, get recommendations and be proactive in asking questions when what your dentist is doing does not seem right to you. Most dentist in the US now require you to be on an antibiotic 24 hours before even a cleaning. Not a bad idea I think. After over $40,000 pesos of medical attention we then had to have the original work redone because she covered an infection inside a tooth with a filing, resulting in the need for a root canal. Please be careful. I highly recommend Dr Jose Moreles at Dental Bright. Professional, dedicated, conscientious. One of the few dentists who talk to you before working on you, asks important questions, takes x-rays and digital imagery before work. Pain free. Actually knows how to give an injection. Two injections with him vs 9 at the previous dentist (do some "water down" the Novocaine? I don't know). He brings in a specialist from Guadalajara to do root canals who was AMAZING.

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