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Is there a kind soul out there?

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Headed for or already in the US who would allow my nephew to send a new TMobile phone for me back here at the Lake? I gather sending via FedEx is too risky, according to TMobile who said, "Virtually guaranteed Mexican customs will seize it and it will wind up in an official's pocket". Having had my other TMobile phone stolen in the Mega parking lot in Bucerias parking lot by a gang of kids being taught to steal by their parents, I will take that advice under advisement.

I will take you to dinner, drive you anywhere, dogsit your dog, just about any other favor you can think of, if you can just help me get back into the land of communication!

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I ordered 6 computer parts, CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Memory Cards for my camera...

I had to pay the Aduana bill, but when I opened the package, only one memory card was in the box.

I am very skeptical about anything shipped across the border.




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On 8/29/2018 at 11:43 AM, camillenparadise said:

I have Googled and can't find the Chapala Mule Forum...any hints?

Camille, there are a lot of people looking for you on the Mexico Mule Forum.  

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