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Eric Blair

Buy high, sell low. Lots of stuff.

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  More of my mistakes.

FOR SALE: One never used air compressor with paint attachments. “WOLFOX’ brand. Has hose, paint sprayer and some other fittings. Paid $2,499.90 in Chapala. Asking for $2,000.

4000 Watt gasoline generator.. Has under 10 hours use. Just had oil changed; air cleaner cleaned and spark plug sparked. This will run a large house. I moved to a much smaller house and got a smaller one. Costs today in Chapala, $8,936.00. I’ll sell for $7,500.00

Here we go again: 1995 Ford Windstar. Mechanically it’s great. A/C needs recharging. Took out both rear seats to make it a traveling camper or bordello. I’ll send lots of pictures if you want. Currently Mexico/Jalisco registered and insured. $3,274.90

Zmodo security system, never used. Has 3 cameras but you can add more. Have cables and flat screen monitor. Selling because I already have one and bought this on a whim. Cost US$400 in California. Will sell for US$325 or pesos.

For free: One small male poodle who pees all over the place. I might even pay you to take him if his mother agrees.

Please email: 1988jeopardychampion@gmail.com

Call at your own risk; I’m almost deaf.

I’m in Chapala Haciendas #2.

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6 hours ago, Quirogin said:

How much is the van?, add said 3,274.90 is that pesos or dollars or yen japanese?

Check out his other ad under automobiles; pics and price explanations.


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