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All has to do with your price range.  Very nice B&B on my street around $75 per night, one very expensive one and two moderately priced ones one of which has very small rooms cheap and the other is like a small apartment.  All in what would be considered a very good location.

Here is one of them for example.  Basic but great location and price.  

https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/21173250?location=Ajijic%2C Mexico&s=GDqTtgnK

Tell us what places interest you and we can tell you if the location is good or not.

The good news is this is off season so you should have no problem finding something.

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In the same area as above is Hotel Nueva Posada a favorite of many and run by an established family. Can't go wrong staying in one of their upstairs rooms; has a popular restaurant associated with it and rate probably includes breakfast. Beautiful lake property. Secure parking if you are going to have a car.

Or down the street is Eucalipto B&B, an established, nice B&B.

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Just for fun I looked up how many airbnb offerings there are in this area now.  Holy cow!  Hundreds!!  I don't see how the hotels can compete with it.

Same observation about Fort Worth where we'll be going soon on our annual medical/shopping trek.  Rented a very nice studio apartment in prime location for half the price of a so so hotel room.

This thing is definitely revolutionizing the accommodation business.

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