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What's involved in replacing a lost license plate for a motorcycle?

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 I had to report a car license plate as stolen.  Reported it to the Ministerio Publico.  No one told me this until after 4 months had passed and innumerable visits to try to figure it out.  The person who finally told me was at the auto license registry in Guadalajara.  When I finally went with the report and all the other paperwork to the Chapala office they told me they figured I knew the procedure and just wasn't doing it.  It was so frustrating.  I don't know if it is still that way.  Get some real advice.  Better yet hire someone to do it all for you.


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Did you try going to the office in Chapala with your title card and reporting the loss?  If they won't issue a new one I'd assume you have to go to MP first as noted above.

They may assume stolen in which case they would send you to MP I'd assume.


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