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Grito date - Sept 15 or 16


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Despite the historical lapse, it is traditionally 11 pm on the 15th. From "Milenio";

Por eso, tradicionalmente, la celebración de esta fiesta patria se inicia la noche del 15 de septiembre, cuando alrededor de las 23:00 horas el presidente de la República da el Grito de Independencia desde Palacio Nacional y hace sonar la campana de Dolores, la misma que sonó durante la arenga que pronunció el cura Hidalgo... aunque el personaje que tocó la campana de Dolores no fue Hidalgo, sino José Galván, el campanero de la parroquia y esto ocurrió, confirmadamente, a las cinco de la madrugada del 16 de septiembre de 1810. Los testimonios sí coinciden en que durante el discurso el cura Hidalgo pronunció “vivas” a la Virgen de Guadalupe, a la religión católica y al rey Fernando VII, así como algunos “mueras” al “mal gobierno". http://www.milenio.com/cultura/por-que-celebramos-el-grito-el-15-de-septiembre

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We have the same thing with our National day the 14th of July is celbrated by dancing on the 13th with firework at 10 or 11  at night on the 13th and military parade on the 14th.. We party all night or used to, so we celebrate all night on the 13th and have the 14th off..

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4 hours ago, cedros said:

Didn't one of the presidents move the day a bit to match his birthday?

That's what I always heard, that for the 1910 centennial celebration of the Grito, Porfirio Díaz moved the day from the 16th to his birthday, the 15th. However, if you follow the link provided by jrod above, it says this belief is false, and that it is documented that the change was made in 1840 so people could have a verbena, a night festival, complete with music, dancing, and rockets.

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Thanks so it is Saturday the 15th and after all these years we have never seen it in Ajijic.   We have seen it in Chapala which is marvelous.  So reservations at the new restaurant on Colon and a Grito on the corner.  Sounds good. Thanks much.


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Here is the tentative schedule at Ajijic News website for the Fiestas Patrias.  While a few days and times may change, it gives an excellent overview of the events.  I know the Globos date of 9/8 is accurate as I confirmed it with one of its organizers.   Check back from time to time at the Ajijic News link as they will make any adjustments, as needed. 


UnOfficial Schedule of Fiestas Patrias Events: (not finalized yet)

Saturday, Sept. 8 is very fun Globo Regatta, which features hand-made hot air balloons made out of…flammable paper!  They will be constructed largely on site by teams engaging in friendly competition, with the balloons ranging from small and simple to large and very complex, and will be continuously launched throughout the show.  The fun begins at 3pm at the Ajijic Soccer field on Revolucion.  Bring a hat for the heat! FREE EVENT

Sunday, Sept 9

Although Sept. 10 is the official “Dia del Charro”(Day of the Horsemen), the date is not a public holiday, so the event is always celebrated the Sunday before Independence Day.  There will be a special “Cowboy Mass” at noon at the San Andres Church followed by a parade of the traditionally costumed, honored, and proud horsemen who played such a vital role in the struggles of the people of Mexico. The Dia del Charro parade begins at 1pm.

The Charreada begins at 3PM at the Lienzo Charro on Calle Revolucion (the tianguis street).

At 9PM, the Fiesta Beauty Queen will be crowned with a dance afterward at Plaza Principal de Ajijic

Saturday, Sept. 15 features kids’ contests and games at the Ajijic plaza at 4PM.

8pm Mariachi Real Axixic at the Ajijic plaza

9pm Ballet Folklorico Xikantzy Ajijic Plaza

10pm Grito de Independence Ceremony the major event of this day, the Grito or Cry to the War of Independence, which is re-enacted in plazas and zocalos all over Mexico. The Grito is the quintessential event of the Fiestas Patrias. (mural by Antonio Lopez Vega and can be seen at the Delegación de Ajijic on the plaza)

10:30pm Popular Dance with the Sonora Panchanguera, Banda Caramelo and Astro Norteno at the Ajijic Plaza Principal.


Sunday Sept. 16

Features the Rebozo Fashion Show at 7pm at the Ajijic plaza with the beautiful women and girls of the village modeling gorgeous traditional as well as modern clothes, with all outfits showcasing rebozos – the classic Mexican women’s shawl which can be used in so many different ways to accent a costume and/or to provide warmth.  Watch for a few Zayacas who always manage to show up to provide their unique wacky humor and model their own rebozos.

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