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In other words: You need a residence visa; Temporal with INM permission to work as a freelance musician, or Permanente with notification to INM that you are working. You will also need your CURP, RFC, and maybe even an accountant. Local musicians may want to meet you.....later....in the dark......ūüĎĻ

It is more likely that you would work for tips; the occasional 10 peso coin, or 20 peso bill from the more affluent and generous, plus the possibility of a plate from the restaurant kitchen.

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Solo piano is not a Mexican choice of music entertainment. I do not see any pianos in local restaurants. Mexican musicians instruments must be portable as they travel from restaurant to restaurant …..table to table. Interestingly there is still love of the old Mexican tunes among the old and young alike. There are pianos in private homes (mainly northerners) but the only public piano I am aware of is in auditorium.

Because we do not live in Ajijic full time my knowledge of the music scene can be out of whack . 

It would surprize me if there is a regular solo  piano entertainment anywhere  in the area. If there is.... I would love to know.

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On 8/15/2018 at 8:41 AM, Yo1 said:

Panino's uses an electronic piano performer who is wonderful.  I believe he plays for tips only.

I know perhaps the only woman who plays her instrument, an electronic piano, locally, in restaurants.  She plays for tips.  She is Mexican. Tips per person who is tipping (10 percent of the patrons on a good day) range from a couple of pesos to perhaps 20.  She does it solely for the love of doing it.

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There used to be piano player at Robertos and even one on the big party boat in Jocotopec -- at one party I attended.

Let's not forget Riccardo Razo, our banker-pianist and an actual piano was at La Tasca when they were open.

Lots of pianists. Most musicians really don't get a whole lot and play because they enjoy it, more than they do for the money.

Go out to the clubs and chat with other musicians. Most I think are happy to share.

Bryan James sitting in for the regular pianist:






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Here's the other (much bigger) party boat that used to go out of Chapla, with Daniel Cordero performing on board.

Just sharing for those who might have confused the two boats or were not here when they were running.


Not a piano, but plenty of room for an electric piano.




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If I have to have music while we dine I would enjoy a pianist over a singer strumming a guitar or a trio any day.  The best music in town is Tangos piped in music with speakers which are nicely balanced around the room and where the one nearest where you are sitting can be turned off completely if you ask nice and tip well.

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