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First, I have no problem if people want to chat privately about dollars and value. Second, I am Canadian, so whatever you say in U.S. here just means I need to add 35% extra, more or less, to get Canadian dollars. But third and more important, I don't have a corporate pension, and all my work is done here in pesos. So I live pesos and think pesos. So I don't translate funds in my head. Thus, constantly talking dollars about restaurant prices and how it compares to back home is just irritating to me, and pointless.

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In the last two and one half years, the use of the word "GREAT" has become incredibly suspect and never, in my own opinion and the often expressed opinion of many others we know, could it be used in reference to this attempt at being a restaurant.  Dismal, disappointing and the food about as far from authentic Italian cuisine as possible!

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