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Border Crossing at Ojinaga/Presidio

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Has anyone driven from here to Ojinaga,Chihuahua to cross into the US? (Texas side is Presidio.)  What are the roads/highways like?  How long does it take?  Are there good towns to spend the night?  Any info anyone could provide me would be really helpful.  Thanks.

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Earlier this summer I went from here up that way to the USA and basically followed 45 & 45D through Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Fresnillo, Torreon, Chihuahua and crossed into New Mexico on the west side of Juarez/El Paso (Santa Teresa crossing).   Did an overnight stop in Torreon which is about half way.  Lots of hotel selections as it is a major city.  That route has very good roads all the way with lots of services however I found that there are a lot of tolls along the way - more than going up through Saltillo.  I have never taken the Ojinaga/Presidio crossing though so cannot comment on that.

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I’ve crossed there, both ways, several times over the years..... just not lately.

Roads, even cuotas, have a way of getting better or worse within a year or two so I can’t be too sure what it is like now, but...  the cuotas from here up to Jiminez were generally OK. From Jiminez one cuts cross country for a couple of hours on a 2-lane road to Ojinaga  that carries hardly any traffic. Gas up.  I have seen it in pretty good shape and not too good shape. It is about as straight a shot as one can imagine so no mountains nor curves.

If one leaves Lakeside early morning one can get to Jiminez and spend the night there.  Nice, safe hotel coming into the south side of town. Good restaurants. It is 600 miles so if that is too far, stay in Torreon as Ezzie suggested. The INM etc in Ojinaga is RIGHT AT the border crossing and not before and easy if you have any things to do with INM or Aduana. Couple of decent motels in Presidio if you don’t want to drive farther that day. Otherwise, it’s on up to Marfa. 


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