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Need used trophies, Chess club needs trophies for tournament

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If you have a box of trophies you no longer need, we can take them apart or relabel them. for the chess club tournament,

we want to give nice trophies but are on limited budget.

we can take you old trophies clean them, relabel them make them in to a chess trophy.

glass, wood, metal.  plaques. ribbons etc whatever you have we will make them into usable trophies for the chess tournament winners

please drop them off at the chess club 12 noon Saturday's at LCS to Roberto or wayne.

or drop them off 10 am to 1PM Mon to Fri  at Have Hammers Will Travel carpentry school in Riberas, next to S ans S auto mountain side attn Wayne.

chess tournament is in 3 weeks. 

I understand there will be many upcoming tournaments ,  we can use all you have for future chess tournaments

Thank you. for your kind generosity of letting go of your trophies to help the kids.

You know the feeling when you received your trophies. how that felt, past that experience on  to a chess club tournament winner.

These trophies give kids confidence.


could also your old chess set that missing pieces. we may need the king, queen , knight etc to add to trophies






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