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Can anyone help me with a TMobile "no borders" telephone?

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I had one for several years that worked perfectly no matter where I was, until four little thieves at Mega Bucerias ripped my purse off my body. Now my nephew has sent me a new one, same phone number, and all I get is the message "Not registered on network". TelCel can't help me. Help! I need either a savvy grownup or a five year old!

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hi Camille.  My husband i have had tmobile for 8 years and the past 4 years here permanently.  It works here.  You just have to:

dial #766# then "send"

then turn off the phone for a few minutes then back on. They told me that redirects it to one of the cell towers here.  If that still does not work, you can manually direct it.  I direct mine to the telcel tower.  It is hard to explain here, so if you want to PM me I think i could walk you through it and maybe that would work.  Anyway i am willing to try and help you.  If you want I can send you my phone number.   Or you can call 1-505 998-3793 for international help.   Barbara

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