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Reusable takeout containers


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Often taking food home after dining out (one of us is a light eater, not me), I am getting tired of the styrofoam containers. So I picked up (Walmart) a couple of Tupperware-types, with divided interiors. I'll be keeping those in the car from now on, for every trip to a restaurant. And they don't leak.

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We are using Tupperware type to go containers also.  Styrofoam is not safe to be recycled.  It puts out some sort of toxic substance.  We also have been using cloth bags for shopping for years.  I see many gringos with cloth bags, but the Mexicans still are using plastic store bags for shopping.  Education will be the key for all to help the environment.  They have the cloth bags at the check outs at WalMart for purchase.

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19 minutes ago, Yo1 said:

I believe a law will be enacted next year to ban all plastic bags and Styrofoam containers in Jalisco.  Yea!!!!

This is going to be a tremendous challenge and at the same time, a tremendous opportunity to Mexico. Luckily, younger people, who are the majority in this country seem very open to "greening". A lot of wonderful breakthroughs in Europe, etc., have been hobbled by high labor costs. A real simple one, for example is disinfected fresh banana leaves on the plate.

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