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1 hour ago, Alfa said:

I don' know what it is with this sea salt thing but every time someone visits from PV they bring a bag of sea salt. Is it becoming the latest in thing?

Not 'the latest in thing's. It started with the 'health nuts'.

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It's also a cool thing for people on holiday to take back home. I used to. Then I moved here, and bought it for salt grinders... but it stays too damp and clogs up the gears. You can leave it in the sun, bake it in the oven... doesn't matter, stays too damp. AND I always have a bag of it handy for all kinds of other uses.

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13 hours ago, camillenparadise said:

OK, next time I won't bother to ask. Lakeside7, Still have yours but eye surgery got in the way.

camillenparadise cannot receive messages.

I was trying to PM you about your eye surgery.

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