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FasterTelmex internet in Ajijic

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I upgraded my Telmex account here in upper Ajijic to the $499 plan from the $389 per month plan, mostly because unlimited long distance calls were no longer available in the $389 package. I entered my modem and saw that the maximum download speed allowed had increased from 12.66 to 18.942 and my max upload speed went from 0.667 to 0.764.  They told me that I should not expect much of any speed increase but that I would have unlimited local and long distance calls like one used to have in the $389 package.

I was shocked  when I did the latest speed test. Gosh over 16 down instead of almost 10 down. My upload still is slow, but I love the progress




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COOL!  I'm also in Upper Ajijic and would love this speed, CONSISTENTLY!  Will check tomorrow.  Many thanks for this information, $110 pesos more/month is nothing to almost double speed!


Valerie :)

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Be careful. You may not be as lucky as I. It all depends upon the wiring between your house and where your telephone line connects to the internet. Yes, give it a try, but do not be to shocked if it doesn't make a change where you are. The computer at Telmex says I am 1070 meters away, and apparently the quality of the lines are OK.

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Yes, but not unlimited. Per their website (SO slow and poorly designed for information and navigation...): $389 al mes: 200 minutos a celular, 100 llamadas locales y minutos LADA. (I still don't know if that means100 local calls and 100 minutes LADA, or a combined 100 minutes for local calls and LADA minutes.)


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