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Seems our long-term contract with Jesus and AXA has come to an end over a situation with a minor auto repair.  Sadly, we must move on so I'm asking if anyone can recommend a Mexican company to cover homes(s) and auto(s) who provides good coverage at a fair price with an agent who works for us, the insured.

As always, many thanks for your help.

Valerie Jones

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Agents, as the name implies, work on a commission basis for the companies they have contracts with.

Attorneys can be hired to represent your interest. A good agent will project the idea he/she works "for you" but in reality that is not the case. A good agent will always try to explain to you what is/isn't covered at the time a policy is being considered. Once a claim is made the agent has no control over whether it is paid or rejected. A good agent will try and explain to the insured why a claim was not covered so the insured does not feel they were cheated. Not all insureds are wise enough to understand a legal contract and even if they are, their egos sometimes get in the way of accepting that they aren't right. "I've been paying in for years and now one small claim and they refuse to pay me" is something I have heard many times. Not all agents are good honest, trustworthy people who try their best to explain a 6 page legal contract in 2 minutes to folks who don't deal with 6 page legal contracts on a daily basis.

Best of luck finding the person you're looking for.

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Bellon has been a disappointment too many also.  Tejeda has too.  Neither is able to MAKE the insurer do anything outside the bounds of your policy but they can and should be on top of every claim and have an honest and rational explanation for anything that is not allowed when you make a claim. 


Like any professional they also have only so many "judgement calls" they can push on higher ups to get what is needed.  Since your issue is on a relatively minor repair I am pleased that the agent has not used any "chit" or "goodwill" he might possess on your behalf.


You have been here a long time, as have I, and this is the very first time in 14 years I have heard a complaint about Tejeda in any form. We would hesitate to affect a long-term relationship of that type for a minor brouhaha.  


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Many thanks for the input and information.  We have had a good relationship with Jesus and AXA these past 8 years and I think he's a great guy, personally.  We are disappointed that (without going into details) a relatively minor repair at KIA Dalton has caused us to part ways.  I've gotten several messages to check with Parker Insurance as they represent several companies so we'll start there to get quotes and compare our current coverage and rates with what they have to offer.


Valerie  :)

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