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If you or someone you know has a local Lake Chapala Area social media site, would you be so kind to post their links here?    Common interests groups or those who use the sites like Facebook groups or YouTube channels.  

It’s amazing how the internet has changed since 2004 when we moved to Mexico 🇲🇽 



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Here are some that I have found and joined, a lot of groups popping up in the past 2 years:

Everything Lake Chapala and Ajijic Chat Group



Young Folks in Lake Chapala



DIY Shipping Container Renovations Group



Lake Chapala Gen-Xpats


Ajijic and Lakeside Entertainment Group


Foodies in Lake Chapala



MEXPAT Lake Chapala


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I don't do Facebook, but I wanted to report there is fox den, with at least three kits, in West Chapala Haciendas One. These are silver foxes, with reddish nose hair. They are sometimes called "fast fox". Anyways, if I remember my biology lessons correctly, there must be a male fox around too. Haven't seen that one, nor have I heard fox screams in the night. They are quite bold - keep your small pets safe and protected.


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Tangerine Travels is in the Lakeside area for one week before returning to Guadalajara about which they have posted many videos. Most are entertaining and informative about practical matters, especially for prospective first time visitors. 

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4 hours ago, ea93105 said:

I know, but it was refreshing to see someone else ask that question recently. I'm not on it either, one of the holdouts

Off topic but seriously funny and I thought of it when you said you’re a holdout to facebook.   These forums are pretty outdated as the world has moved on to not hiding in forums.  Someone told me today that everyone uses Facebook.   Or do they?   Just for laughs...but may not so funny if this is true.


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42 minutes ago, Xena said:

Younger people are leaving FB for different (and cooler) social media platforms not to protect their privacy. If you are on the internet anywhere you have none. That ship sailed long ago. 

The report on FB I read said that it was across all demographics, including middle aged and older people, while the young ones were deserting FB for "cooler" ones.

I don't agree that the ship of privacy has sailed entirely.  "Privacy" is relative: anything you put in writing is fair game, but the FB phenomenon has put jobs in jeopardy due to unwise postings, not to mention relationship damage and stalking instances.   If they aren't "out there", your words and pictures can't come back to haunt you.  Of course, YMMV, as always.🖖


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1 hour ago, Xena said:

Yes. By all means hide instead of simply using the platform wisely. That makes sense. BTW, I hope you are not one of those annoying non-FB users who asks your friends to send you the FB information on the platforms you use, like this forum and email. 

"Hide" from whom?  What's "wise"?  We make our choices as we see fit. There is nothing on FB that I need.  If a restaurant or other business is "wise", it will make its pitch on more than one source of information.

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I've been on Facebook for quite a while now. And I use it for one reason, to communicate with my younger relatives and friends from the past. I almost never post on it, and try to keep the number of friends down to below 60 instead of several hundred to a thousand, like most people. Do I like Facebook? Not really, but I can ignore those posts that do not interest me, especially the political ones either loving or hating the latest politician.

If you decide to join Facebook, make sure you limit those persons who want to be your friend to as few as possible. I greatly prefer this and TOB to Facebook

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