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Temporal Visa and Airplane arrival question

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Hi All,

Hopefully I can explain this, so it makes sense-lol

We have an appointment for Aug.8, to get our temporal visa. I know it's not a given, and could take longer, however, we are flying down for 10 days on August 16.  If we are granted the temporal on the 8th, can we just use the ticket they give you on the plane to enter and leave, as I don't think we can register within the 30 day requirement for the temporal. (I think you need a permanent address, and we won't have one at that time)  But, I am under the impression that you can't enter with 2 different types of visa's.


Should we wait till we return to the states on the 27th to apply for the temporal (which I don't REALLY want to do), but would, if I had to.....


Thanks for your help.




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You don't need a permanent address. People have used hotel addresses

 INM needs your Mx. Consulates 6 month preapproved RT visa in your passport stamped by an INM official when you entered Mexico and  your 30 "canje" FMM card you recieved when entering Mexico. Then you fill out the online form and print it and take it to the INM office to exchange the 30 FMM card to have them process your RT visa/card and need to show up there within the 30 days. If you don't have time then wait until you can spend about a month for them to process your 6 month Mx. Consulate visa to a RT visa/card in Mexico. Don't get it until you get back from your 10 day trip. You don"t have to rush to rent a place. You can change addresses at the INM office within 90 days of moving easily. You will get a 1 year RT visa/card and in 1 year you can renew it for 1, 2, or 3 years for a total of 4 years.


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