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New 2018 Aduana Manual for Temporarily Imported Vehicles

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Last month aduana (customs) published an updated manual for the temporary importation of vehicles.  This manual is an update of the last one published in 2014 and now clearly lists who can import cars and periods.  

It also lists who can drive the cars and once again reaffirms that the only document you need to show that your expired TIP (car import permit) is valid is your immigration document and nothing from aduana, however, you must notify aduana whenever you get a new immigration document or risk losing your deposit you paid to get the permit.  

I have made a 4 page file with the important pages of the 75 page document that every foreigner should print and keep in their car as it shows, in Spanish, who can temporarily import foreign plated vehicles, how long they may be imported for, what document they need to prove it and who can drive their foreign plated car.  

The form to extend the temporary permits has changed as well and you can extend the permit when you renew your temporary resident card and do not have to go back to the border to do so.  My office goes every week to present the extension notices.

To recap the document has the following information on the following pages (not necessarily manual page but page of file I created):

1) Immigration Status or visa Types and maximum length of temporary importation.
2) Length of temporary importation and what document needed to prove it (temporary visa only).
3) Who can drive a temporarily imported vehicle, foreigners…
4) Importer can drive, their spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, another foreigner who is tourist or temporary, or anybody else as long as importer is present in the vehicle

File can be found here:

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Moderator(s), IMO this needs to be Pinned.....

Thanks Spencer!

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You have to do a separate notification to aduana and then it finds its way to the computer system and show updated

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That comes under the special process for scofflaws, I think.  🤩

1. Drive carefully; your car is illegal    😎

2. Drive carefully; your insurance is probably invalid  😮

3. Sneak up to the border without encountering any transitos, federales, checkpoints, etc.🙈

4. Present your original car permit documents to Banjercito & get the receipt. Keep it.📂

5. If all of that worries you, see if Spencer can get you a Retorno Seguro and give you really good advice.   🙂

6. Once over the border, avoid Texas fuzz looking for uninspected & unregistered cars. 👮‍♂️

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