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Saltillo tile or look alike - where to find?

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We are searching for basic Saltillo rules or a more modern proxy that is realistic looking and not a repeatitive photograph. The modern ones would be expected to be fairly uniform in color.

We haven't ever needed floor tile so I have never paid attention.

I'd also like a reminder where the upscale tile stores are in Guadalajara which I have been to but it was a decade ago. They have talavera from Puebla and raised talavera.

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I could not put saltillo in my house, but I found a nice substitute. I will be in Ajijic in a week, and you can come by to look at it if you like, it is quite lovely. Every tile looks somewhat variegated, high quality, color is Naranja. Is like a porcelain tile, have to buy it in Guad, not at Surtidor.  There is a minimum order, and you will have to wait about 2 months to get it. 


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There is a shop in West Ajijic that carries the real thing. As you go west, just before the left turn to Danza del Sol and the Pacifict fish market, they are on the right. There are stone sinks on display when their doors are open, but they have lots of real Mexican saltillo tiles and others in the back yard. Go slow because it is before the turn off of Danza del Sol.

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