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power out Ajijic

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Just came back on. 

It was not a total outage, just a brown out (dim lights). When this happens, it's always so strange to see what things are affected.  This time I totally lost telephone (because of elec answ. machine, I assume), power from some outlets but not others, and Television on-off, yet from that same outlet could turn the satellite receiver on-off, and  dim lighting thruout the house.  On the other hand, the entry gates worked just fine, something I would think is a big elec. draw and would be one of the first things to fail. 

Since it's so hit-miss as far as what kinda works and what definitely doesn't, it's hard to know if it is only you or also others.   And, of course CFE is never reachable. 

Anyway, all is good now.

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