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Mexican Hat Dance Made Easy

Instructor: Griselda Alcantar (Ballet México Folklórico)

Course Fee:     $300 MXN

Course Date(s) and Times: August 10, 11 AM – 2:30 PM

Course Location: Gazebo

Min/Max Students required: 12/20

Enrollment ends August 3

 Description: Mexico is not Mexico without its dance styles. From prehistoric to modern times dance has been an artistic staple of creative expression throughout Mexico.  Known collectively as Ballet Folklórico, this Prueba will teach the beginner about this wonderful Mexican tradition.

 With deeps roots in pre-Columbian spiritualism dance has gone through phases of adaption due to colonialism and nationalism resulting in a remarkable array of sound, color and movement.

 In this Prueba Mexico be prepared to learn about the evolution of dance in Mexico from prehistoric times through today. Understand the regional differences in costume, music and steps.

 You will learn two dances during the experience, both a Pre-Hispanic Dance as well as perhaps Mexico’s most famous dance, now known internationally and adapted by many Latin American regions, the Mexican Hat Dance.

 The Mexican Hat Dance has it’s origins here in Jalisco and is called the Jarabe Tapatío. 

 So put on your dancing shoes and join us for this energetic and informative Prueba!

 Griselda Alcantar

Contact: grisalcantar.e@gmail.com

The desire and enthusiasm of a group of young dancers to bring a sample of the great wealth of folk dances from Mexico to different places but, above all, their great desire to dance, motivated the integration of the Ballet México Folklórico in the year of 1998.

The energy and great joy of the dancers in each of their presentations as well as the varied colors of their costumes were characteristics that distinguished this group from the beginning.

Little by little they expanded their vision regarding their original objectives: not only to make known or spread the great wealth of customs and traditions of Mexico through music and dance but also to show the greatness of the human spirit of a people.

Having as a priority the arduous and constant preparation of his entire cast in different dance disciplines (such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco, etc.), Ballet México Folklórico has been consolidating as a professional group of great artistic quality.

Ballet México Folklórico has choreographic productions from the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Michoacán, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas and Concert Dance as well as special programs such as:

Mexico is Jalisco

Estampas de México

Day of the Dead: Michoacán, History of a Love.


Mexico Spectacular

Pleasure, joy or delight are just adjectives to describe the sensations produced by the Folkloric Mexico Ballet because when we see these dancers we see ourselves inside, our joys are recreated and our courtships are revived, we shout and sing, all of our senses.

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