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"Tourist visa" question

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Okay well im not from the chapala area.  But those of you americans and canadians who are in chapala, i assume most of you drive there as oppose to fly?  


For example i know that if you enter mexico on the west coast and drive by car and go through san diego, which i believe is the biggest border crossing in the world, there are fewer issues there if someone is driving in and out of mexico?  Example someone drives from san diego into mexico and stays there x month.  Leaves because his 180 day is up.  Then stays in the us for a few days or weeks etc and come back in by driving would not have much of an issue ever?  But say someone from the US that flies into say cancun or mexico city by air and then leaves before 180 days.  Takes a trip to the us for a few days or a week or so and then flies back in, now it might be an issue?


Also when has the system been computerized?  I heard this happened just a few months ago, is that true?  So what is different now compared to back then at the airports?  So back then when you are in line and go to immigration, the screen they look at after you give them your passport, it doesn't show your in and out dates unless they want to investigate?  But now the system automatically shows it right on the screen for everyone?   So anyone that leaves before 180 day and come back in and does that a few times would have issues coming in?  I have heard few cases where ppl flew into airport i dont recall if it was cancun or mexico city but some people mentioned they got hassled because of how long they are staying.  I heard a case of someone though not sure if true or not where they denied that person coming in.  Anyone here heard of this or anything like that?  I know this is chapala forum and im no where near there be but do  you all drive there or fly there?  Because if it flying... well i guess what happens at that airport would be similar to mexico city or cancun?  

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Bit confused with what you mean by the hassle free zone.  So you mean in the quintana roo and baja peninsula has or don't have issues like this compared to say chapala?  I remember i saw a video on youtube a while back where someone who is in chapala mention they leave and come back with no issue in the chapala area.  So in the quintana roo and baja, its more hassle is what you mean or the other way around?  Thus there may be issues there but not around the chapala area where almost everyone is located on this forum?

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Basically, the border zones for about 20 miles, plus some other areas mentioned above, and some seaport tourist areas, are free zones primarily for tourism purposes. As such, you are free to visit and I think the rules may limit you to something like 72 hours. Otherwise, you should get an FMM Tourist Permit. You would also need a permit (fee required), and an Importada Temporal (fee and deposit required) for your vehicle. If flying, the FMM fee is included in your airline ticket price.  So, you should be aware that you are not permitted to travel beyond the 'free zone' without these documents. If you do, you will encounter checkpoints, and/or other authorities, where you will be detained and/or sent back to the border. No excuses for not knowing the laws, just as everywhere else. Your posts do indicate a lot of confusion, and a huge basket of "apples and oranges", which you should sort out before traveling.  Most of the rules are available to you on official sites designed for tourists.  Expats, who reside in Mexico will generally have Residente Temporal Visas, and then Residente Permanente Visas after four years as Temporal.  The status of your non-Mexican vehicle will depend upon you immigration status, time, and renewals; another subject that you will need to study.  It is only confusing at first, and is really quite logical.

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Franky, to me it is only confusing when one starts trying to do things ‘not allowed’... or ‘not according to the rules’..... and then tries to use hear-say information or a Post on Youtube by who know whom to try and create a scenario that might fit the situation or not.... but who knows because of the combinations and permutations of shenanigans. 

None of us have a direct line to INM. Most here are either Temporal or Permanente and thus have no problems with exits and entry, or snowbird in on a 180 Tourist Card and leave when required to. I suggest that you do the same until you have figured out to your satisfaction how you might ‘play’ the system in whatever way you are trying to do. 




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