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Installing a computer extender

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We have 2 IMac computers and each one has a MagicJack. The modem is installed on the 2nd floor through concrete, cement, tile and steel support beams. Many times callers to the IMac and MagicJack on the 1 st floor were unable to hear us or we were  unable to clearly hear them. While reading any newspaper...we were sometimes greeted with the dreaded spinning wheel.......on both computers.

We were told that Steren sold extenders that are wireless and do not require drilling or blasting, and they do...BUT they, no kidding,  suggested that TelMex had similar units for less money, and they do. So I bought one! I found an honest to goodness person who didn't claim to be anything more than someone who could "probably" help and was willing to drive out to Jocotepec....and he did! He installed the units; made sure that our signal had increased greatly and tested our phones and computers for any other problems. He also took care of several problems that were beyond our very limited abilities. Is he busy...sure.  Does he set up appointments and keep them, yes he does. I will share his name and telephone contact if you pm me.

Fred Habacht


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1 hour ago, Tiny said:

And for others that that want to try to install an extender yourself, plug it in an electronic outlet. Then enter/select your wi-fi name and enter the password. 

They are also sold at Best Buy.

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong".

-H. L. Mencken

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This board's server runs Apache, a free, linux based, open source software. They could have paid for something better, but it would probably still be Linux based. I think their server hard disks must need to be defragmented, etc., need to be serviced by a tecnician who speaks Linux. Maybe it is a cost issue.

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