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Joco emissions station

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Coming from the east a few blocks after you pass the Pemex on the right in Jocotepec you come to a traffic light where you turn left. After a few blocks the main route takes a right at Cuba restaurant and you will be on Vincente Guerrero Vincente (this is the old highway route though jocotepec)
Go west on Vicente Guerrero. Pass the last (3rd?) traffic light at (Independencia Sur).
Immediately after the tope (since removed) on your right is the place to get your emissions sticker.
It is next door to a car wash and if you pass it, the next cross street is Niños Heroes.

It is located directly across the street from Pepe's Pollo.


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Out of business? Yikes! In Jocotepec there is another garage that does it-Veloz. You continue west along Vincente Guerro to the T junction where it meets the Morelia-Guadalajara highway (a kilometer or so).  You cross all 4 lanes of traffic and then take the short dirt road to the right that runs parallel to the highway. After about a "block" Veloz is on the left. A large building sitting by it self.

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12 hours ago, cedros said:

So I went to that regular Jocotepec testing station a few days and it is not closed. They tested my car right away.

Good one cedros, this thread illustrates the interesting aspects of life in Mexico, where one fellow's experience does not necessarily reflect what the next fellow's experience will be, lol.

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