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Shaw Direct HD channels

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At about 16:30 I lost all of my Shaw HD channels, but was still picking up from the SD channels. I went to the roof, tightened my cable connectors, came down, and now everything is working again.   My question is, did anyone else have the same outage of their High Definition channels or was it a slightly loose connection, that I hand tightened?

It sure did scare me, I greatly enjoy watching my hometown stations in HD. Well, whatever the reason, it is working perfectly again.


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That is what I thought it was. But another person had the same reception problem twice yesterday at exactly the same time I did, and so posted on TOB so what ever it was it impacted others. These were maybe ten minute outages.

What ever the problem was, everything is great today.

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13 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

I have a number of old type receivers..do they have any value???What models are worth keeping???

Shaw Direct is digitally compressing all of its channels to a higher level. They are upgrading to Mpeg-4 which means they can have more channels using the same bandwidth than before. Only receivers starting with the 600 or above are capable of decompressing Mpeg-4 and providing programming. the 500 series and lower, do not and therefore as Shaw Direct changes more and more channels and eventually apparently all of the channels to Mpeg-4, you will be able to receive fewer and fewer and eventually no channels. So, the old receivers are of very little to no value.

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The answer is probably no. In the old days the receivers were made by Motorola. These days they are made by ARRIS, whom ever they are.

The reason for upgrading is that in the future they can use or rent or buy fewer satellites in space to deliver the same # of or more channels than before back to earth.

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