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What to pay landscaper?

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Just last week I talked to the head property managers at two popular RE companies, and both said the same thing as Yo1. $50 to $60 pesos per hour

Why did I ask?  Because I am about to adjust upwards the salaries of my employees as of this week. Why this week? I don't know, I just thought it was time especially after wiring funds down for the next year and getting over 20 pesos per US dollar.

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I only buy when it is high, never when its low Angus   (DON"T I WISH)

No in reality, I happened to hear what someone else was paying his gardener per hour and when I heard the amount, I thought he was paying too much. So I checked and found that I was the one who was wrong. So I checked and updated the maid's pay as well.


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5 hours ago, sputnik said:

Just getting ideas as what to pay a landscaper, Im sure it is different as to size and the amount of plants but if some of you could tell me your size, mowing and weeding and about what you pay it would help me alot.  Thanks for any input given.

Pay him in pesos. 

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