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Please get your dancing shoes ready for Funky Finn's Grand Re-Opening Celebration! Music starts at 8:00pm Friday, July 6th at 8:0pm and the party will continue through Saturday night. All of the details are attached in the advertisement below. We look forward to seeing you :) 

Email: funkyfinns@gmail.com

Phone: 3317911409

Address: 59 La Paz, San Antonio, 45922

Funky #2 6-30.jpg

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I only heard that no drinks could be served Saturday, the 30th, the day before the election. I heard nothing about not drinking 'Sunday July first, the day of the election. I guess it makes sense that if you can't buy a drink in a public location on the day before the election, that you can not vote before the polls close, but I have no idea.

Is it the whole weekend or just the day before the election?

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