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Just received interesting email from Intercam. "As we are fully aware of the importance of this event, we want to inform you that Intercam Banco will be available for your convenience this Sunday, July 1st to carry out foreign exchange transactions starting at 16:00 Mexico Central time."

"Please contact your Relationship Executive ...."


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A Mexican friend has said to me that if AMLO wins, the Peso will really tank. 

Do you think that could be it? 

If people panic  and start exchanging out of the Peso ........ the spread on those transactions goes directly to their bottom line ........ nice day's work.

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You sound like the type of person who thinks their ideas have great merit and when someone gently disagrees with you, without calling you any bad names, you freak out. If you want to post on a public forum you should expect that perhaps someone else will think your idea has little merit and will disagree with you. If that offends you, perhaps you should practice your graffiti on a different media.  Just a thought.

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