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Where can I get new wheels on my large suitcase.

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Oops Computer guy. I was fast reading and thought they were talking about car. Please excuse me and thank you ComputerGuy for catching my error. I have no idea whether but doubt that Costco sells luggage wheels.

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I think it's about two blocks down from Madero, the main drag, on Degollado. On the right at the corner of a dead-end block on the left. It's a shoe repair shop, and he also does great things with luggage, like fixing broken zippers. I don't know about wheels...

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No, he doesn't do wheels.  I checked several months ago.  I did find a shop in el Centro in GDL that repaired/replaced the wheels on my large case.  I'm sorry but I don't remember the name of the shop but if you go into GDL, take Gonzales Gallo, turn right onto 16 de Septiembre and follow it towards the Cathedral, you'll see the large State building on your left with lots of State Police/Security vehicles.  Park as close to that building as possible and this repair shop is on the street just behind this State building.  I'm sure if you walk behind the building and ask at either the parking lot there or a nearby shop, they can direct you down the block to the shop.  The cost was minimal and done in a few days.

Hope this helps.

Val  :)

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