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Where to park a (sort of) small motorhome Lakeside.

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I have a lady coming down here who has a large van. It's been fitted out inside for a sleeping area, a place for some food/water and to eat.It's sort of like sleeping in your car, but it's a van.

She needs to be able to have access to some toilet facility and maybe some water and electricity.

I know this is a tall order, but any thoughts could help.

Thanks a lot.

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There is a new little RV storage park at the top of Rio Chamela at Rio Amazonas. There is a phone on the gate to call. I don't have that number. Rio Chamela runs up the mountian from the Pantheon in West Ajijic in Colonia Rancho de Oro. Drive up there and get the number and give him a call.

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On 6/26/2018 at 1:39 PM, Syver117 said:

There is a small RV park across the street from El Parque, Lakeside Little Theater street in San Antonio.

No recomend that place, it is very expansive and very bad services. the people who was living there said no more..the owner is not a good person......the best place is in Ramon Velazquez ( next centro de salud ) en san antonio ...cheaper and goods services, also on the same block at the corner there is other small.

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