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We've been traveling with pets to/from Guadalajara-Dallas area for more than 10 years; the last 10 or so with a pet in-cabin, under the seat. We were one of the first to go through the new Mascota Viajero Frecuente program to facilitate return to Mexico. For departure from Guadalajara, the process has always been that the airline does the checking of docs, fills out their form for you to sign, you pay $130 US each way. Once into the US, there was no check nor further verification of the pet. This was true as of three weeks ago.

No more. Went thru immigration and the agent locked my passport in a clear, sealed case and directed me to Agricultural Inspection in the bowels of baggage claim. The process has now changed and parallels your return experience to Miguel Hidalgo in Guadalajara. You must present the pet, health and rabies certificate; the agent asks a few questions (never asked me to take the pet out of the carrier), stamps a form, unlocks and returns your passport.

No problems, just another 15 minutes or so of your time, which might be an issue for a connecting flight.

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