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Easiest place to have auto a/c repaired? Minor parts repair

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First: it is not the compressor! It is a very simple part or two parts: the evaporative sensor (for sure) and possibly a gizmo that joins the 2 hot and cold lines.

My vehicle ac had been working fine, albeit required some fiddling around with knobs. Always works first thing in the morning, AND when heat is turned on for 1 minute prior to using ac. Ford has a TSB out for this fix: it is a faulty evaporative sensor. The very simple Ford fix is to clip the two plastic side pieces on the sensor and reinsert.

Local mechanic here changed oil and also clipped the pieces as instructed in the TSB. Now the ac doesn't work at all! I pulled the evap sensor out myself and it looks a little manhandled. Definitely do not want to return to this mechanic because of another issue re: oil change.

Anyway, I need a new evap sensor (where can I buy or order this $6- part?) AND someone with a diagnostic machine to read the HVAC codes. I'm told nobody here has a machine and I have to go in to Guad. 

Any suggestions?



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I've had a half dozen places work on my 79 MGB AC to no avail. The new boys in town (across from Multiva Bank in Ajijic) basically rebuilt from fan to cabin - a full days work. They fixed others mistakes and showed us the parts to prove it and charged me less then the guy who comes to Beto's Garage (near Super Lake) did for a half hours work. 90 day warranty too.

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Thanks to the new mechanic beside El Huerto in Riberas, the one beside Bobby's Terrace, and now these new guys across from Multiva, the highway is even more littered with cars and junkers taking precious parking and adding to the overall sad look of lakeside. I come out of my neighbourhood to the highway beside the Oxxo in Riberas, and half the time I cannot even see the highway around all the crap parked there. Not just ugly, but now dangerous too.

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I had a compressor replaced by a repair man in Ajijic that also works on appliances & other items.  He was to use a Denso compressor on my 2007 Honda.  It failed after less than 2 years.The 2 men at Eurofreeze correctly identified the failed compressor.  Upon removal it was not the quality Denso but a cheap China made low quality unit.  These men made the necessary parts replacement in one day for a reasonable price and the A/C is working like new now.  Honest and Good Quality.  

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