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mayorazgo de echauri

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I am trying to find out some of the history of the town of Tizapan el Alto, Jalisco and I came across the following term "mayorazgo de echauri". I don't understand what it could mean. Is echauri a surname? 

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In the second decade of the seventeenth century, Don Joaquin Fermín de Echauri, coming from Tudela, Spain, and a man linked to the businesses of Guadalajara, as well as productive jobs, who decides to become a landowner and thanks to family conflicts they had the descendants of the avalanche house, could found a mayorazgo that would take its name, that is, the Mayorazgo de Echauri, not as extensive as the old province, but a not insignificant latifundio that currently surprises us because of the large amount of land which included, of course, those corresponding to the Hacienda of San Francisco Javier, in Tizapán el Alto.


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Echauri or etxauri is a Basque last name  from Navarre.. Many Basques were names after the name of the village or place they were born as they did not have last names  per say to start with . Echauri is also the name of a small place in Navarre..The house is etche or etxe or etxea so it could also be the name of a house originally which became the family name unless it means something totally different...


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