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doctor recommendation needed


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Lexy, this doctor isn't Lakeside but with a driver he is about one hour away and you might be happier with the outcome.  Dr. Antonio Orozco Gamiz, Gastroenterologo/endoscopis digestiva; Calle Jose Ma. Robles #792; Colonia Chapilita, Guadalajara; 333-647-5600; 333-647-7251; 333-647-7253 or if you have an IP phone 1-800-333-2001.   As you know Dr. Briesno is not here full time and the last time I heard is still taking courses to round out his knowledge and his practice.  I saw him a couple of times but prefer a more seasoned doctor.  Dr. Valenzuela at the same clinic only comes once a week, I think, but while he is a good surgeon (I have used him for surgery on a hiatal hernia) he is not as knowledgeable when it comes to gastrological issues.  Should you require a driver, Miguel Lomus Martinez at 331-659-1017 is very good, speaks English and is more reasonably priced.  Gabriel Orea 331-348-3228 is excellent and charges a little more.  I know how sick these kinds of issues can make a person and I hope your husband  gets the attention needed soon.   

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