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city water in Riberas

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We have been having an issue with our water for the past few weeks and it seems to be getting worse. While taking a shower there is a sudden sulfuric odor coming from the water....Is anyone else having this problem and/or does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? We have a UV system but the bulb is about a year old. Thanks in advance for any tips....

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4 minutes ago, SunshineyDay said:

Angus do you know someone locally who will do this?

Any plumber worth using should.

2 minutes ago, SunshineyDay said:

Actually it may not be the water heater! The water in Riberas is awful!

Isn't all water here awful? Check your rod in the "boiler", they need replacing even in Colorado.

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Even here in Ajijic I was constantly going through those expensive sediment cartridges.  Finally I had Jackie of H2OLE install an automatically backwashed fine sand filter and it has worked flawlessly and pretty much paid for itself in the savings on filter cartridges.


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