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Pitaya festival in Techaluta de Montenegro

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15 hours ago, Rudy mallinee said:

New to your web. I will be in Chapala in August to look at relocating there. I'm interested in the Pitaya festival in Tecahluta .. Has anyone been there for it who can tell me about the amount of production, price of Pitaya per each or per kilo?


I've never been to the festival but it is 87 kilometers and about 1 hour 17 minutes.

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If you are in Guadalajara, the crop is so bountiful for the brief period that you can buy many more for your money. But they do bad very quickly. We should see them being sold on various street corners in Ajijic, too.

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1 hour ago, dichosalocura said:

CNN.COM has an interesting article on the pitayas from Techaluta.  I would post the link but my old ipod is not very user friendly any more.  It prefers to always fight with me.

Here it is: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/pitayas-guadalajara-mexico/index.html but the ignorants have a photo of a Pitahaya.


Pitaya 440px-Pitayas.jpg

What are the differences? Let's see what Zona Guadalajara says:  http://zonaguadalajara.com/diferencias-entre-pitaya-y-pitahaya/

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Thanks Angus, and yeah I noticed the picture of the pitahaya instead of the pitaya right away.  All they do is look for pictures on google to put in their articles, why couldn't they have just found a pitaya picture?  We purchased a ice cream maker the other day on Amazon and made our first pitaya ice cream, it was delicious!

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Thanks for the input from all of you.. .. Read the attachments sent.

Apparently a very short season and perhaps not so much production there in Tachaluta.

And from a few videos found on UTUBE for the festival in Tachaluta,  the majority of plants seem to be Pitaya of the tree-like form. 

I'm familar with the Pitahaya from Nicaragua where there is a fairly large production of it, and this type there is the Pitahaya, vine like type, which produce around 20 fruit per planting, if planted in the traditional manner. 


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