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Char Siu- Chinese BBQ pork strips


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Had a hankering. Bought some pork shoulder, cut into strips, then followed an old recipe from the Frugal Pervert. We also found some excellent sticky (glutinous) rice that the delivery service picked up from Toyo Foods. The pork is so good, especially if you use it as a flavoring ingredient in stir fries and the like. Tender on the inside, lots of dark, crunchy charring on the outside.The next project is to build a metal rack, so I can hang the strips over the charcoal brazier, like they do in China and Chinatowns. There is still lots of large banana leaves about, mix up some cooked sticky rice, mix in some Char Siu, and other ingredients, wrap them into banana leave bundles with string, and then steam or microwave them. The bundles freeze very well.

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4 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

That was easy:

http://www.astray.com/recipes/?show=Cha shu (barbecued pork strips)

Once you have the BBQ pork, you can make these delicious steamed buns.

http://www.astray.com/recipes/?show=Barbecued pork bun (cha siu bow)


That is a new site for me.  When I do something similar to the pork strips I make extra, cut into bite size pieces, and freeze.  So nice to add to a meal or eat as a snack once you heat them up.


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1 hour ago, tomgates said:

Where did you get the pork shoulder? I have gotten some at Tony's but not a lot of fat on them. 

As usual, the carniceria across from Soriana, and kitty corner to the municipal slaughter house. Lots of fat. They also sell pork bellies and some lovely beef short ribs. They usually cut to order, so when you order ask to leave the fat on. They still take the skin though - chicharones.

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2 hours ago, tomgates said:

Thanks! When I use pork shoulder it is for pulled pork bbq or carnitas, and the fat is essential to keep the meat from drying out.

I use 2 butchers for pork shoulder blade steaks and showed them what I wanted with a picture like this. they always cut a thin one and show it to me to make sure it's what i want. It's important for quality flavour, tenderness etc. that the blade bone is in. The cut is similar to a portion of beef chuck. both are on Madero in Chapala. #1 across from the Pemex on the corner and the other on the east side,north of the glass place and south of the car parts and chicken place where the divider on Madero ends. I also get my costillas de cerdo from them cut the way I want.


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