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Phone still down in Riberas

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Since at least Saturday, nothing to do with any wind or storms. At least one customer in Mirasol, too. And Ferret from this board has been without service OR Internet for almost a month, nothing at all to do with the current situation (some contractor cut her lines while building around the corner, and TelMex has not seen fit to answer any of her requests for service).

So phones around here have been out three times in the last week, and on several occasions earlier this year. Just when you think things are getting better with the monopolies. Although I hear that CFE actually works 24 hours a day now...!

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Our phone has been out since Saturday also.  Internet still OK.  I was told today at Telmex the outage is due to the CFE power outage and resulting surge when re-established power went through some Telmex equipment.  Truth?  Who knows?  But between these two masters of infrastructure and customer service, I'm sure it will all be resolved promptly...


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I am in Riberas and after the storm, lost Internet and my local phone. Then I lost electricity for about 18 hours (brown out type of loss... not enough to run a computer, but the modem lights showed that it was connected to the Internet.) The local phone came back on almost immediately. Internet was out 30 hours or so. Internet came back on, but the local phone was out for 2 - 3 days. Both Internet and local phone have been on for the past 3 days.

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