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Firefox 60

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Interesting. I'm still running 52.1.1esr. Versions later than that are incompatible with most of the add-ons I've been using for years, which was a major, major blow to all those helpful developers who counted on Mozilla to keep their promises. I tried release 52.8.0esr this week, and it slowed down some pages so much it felt like the computer had stalled.

The promise of twice the speed notwithstanding, I'll wait until I hear my plugins are back.

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OH, well. It was a fun idea. The latest version of Brave crashes when trying to import data from Firefox, and the shortcut toolbar does not function. The setting to "always open a new page" doesn't work (just like Firefox; I use TabMix Plus in Firefox, because the built-in function doesn't work... but that extension or plugin doesn't work with newer versions of Firefox and is one of the reasons I was looking forward to Brave).

It is definitely faster, though.

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