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What bank should I consider

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I am looking for an investment bank other then Bancomer Banco Patrimonial. I tried the search tool a couple of times with little luck but do know that this topic has been discussed many times.

I have been with Bancomer Banco Patrimonial for almost 3 years and have started to encounter problems with them to the extent that I finally had to go to their office in Guadalajara to try to sort out some issues (they do not have an office lakeside). I am now at the point where I think its best for my own interest to switch to an investment bank which has local representation.

I already talked to CIBanco and Multiva.

I liked CIBanco because they will accept money transfers in Australian Dollars (they were an exchange company prior to becoming a bank)  but they seem to be a little weak on the investment side.

Multiva has a full time private banking manager who seems to have some pretty good deals but they do use a clearance bank in the US to process Australian Dollars which could be time consuming.

Any suggestion would be welcome


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Actually Intercam will credit your account with your cheque instantly even though it takes four days for it to actually clear. Their ATM is push pull but you don't need it because you can get your cash at the window where you can get the major currency of your choice as well as pesos but no Cuban CUC's. They pay you interest monthly on a chequeing account.


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