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My vehicle’s tire was purposely punctured

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Wouldn't it be convenient if we could just lump all the people of a particular race or nation with labels of "good and helpful" or "up to no good and will scam you whenever they can"?  Some do exactly that, but reality doesn't work that way and it is NEVER simple.

For example, two friends of mine from SMA decided to take a road trip in Mexico in one of their new cars. Both single ladies over sixty. One spoke fluent Spanish; the other was a relative newbie with none. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere as dusk was falling and miles from the town they were going to overnight, the transmission went kaput and there they sat in the "lemon".  Time went by and eventually, a truck stopped and a big Mexican man approached their car.  Needless to say, they were "uneasy".  However, the end result of it all was that he arranged a tow into town, took them home for a good meal with his family (restaurants closed) and took them to their hotel.  He refused any payment.

In Lakeside, several ladies have been convinced to give a young man a ride, during which he stole their wallets.

Keep on having good feelings toward your fellow residents of the planet while keeping your eyes, ears, and most of all, your intuition in good working order.

From my POV, the elements of her story convinced me that it was just too much of a coincidence that she'd just been to an ATM, followed by having a flat tire and all too amazingly, a young man appeared with a can of air.  She did the right thing.



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My flat tire situation could and most likely happens absolutely anywhere. I am grateful that it was a learning experience and not worse.  I wish to convey that we also love our life here in Mexico.  We love our wonderful Mexican friends.  Most of the Mexican people that we know are so good to the core.  Their soft spoken polite warmth touches me.  

There are many examples of kindness from strangers here in Mexico and everywhere.  I love that.  I’m just sharing my experience so others can benefit and be better prepared.  Common sense is the main aspect of navigating most any situation.

For the most part - life is good  here Lakeside. 

I say “Thank you Mexico” and “Viva Mexico.”

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For frame of reference only...2016 stats for the "safer" USA...these are totals for one year only. No place is perfectly safe nor perfect in any way. 

bank robberies-5,110

reported forcible rapes-96,000

armed robberies-305,000


violent crimes during robbery-267,000

car thefts-753,000


child abuse referrals to protection agencies-6,600,000


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Lucky23 you are lucky.  This is not new here at Lakeside.  A couple of years ago this happened to friends of ours as they left the ATM in Bancomer at the Ajijic Plaza.  They had just taken a large amount of money out of the bank to pay their contractor.  When their tire went flat in front of the church, 2 young men were there with a can on air .... When all was finished my friend's purse was gone as we're the young men..   About a week after this happened it was in the process again but my husband and I happened upon the disabled car just as the male driver of the car was getting out of the car to talk with the young man.  We stopped and told him we thought the young men had punctured his tire.  At that point they both ran down the street, jumped into a car that had been waiting and took off.   You did the exact right thing.

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