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On ‎5‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 2:59 PM, johanson said:

Lisa Jorgensen also has a very large mailing list, gringohombre, and  I and several friends of mine have no idea how we got on her mailing list.. She targets many of us with very appealing emails suggesting we go to her Chapala Reporter Webpage which is very well written and it suggests that we subscribe to the Chapala Reporter for only $45 US per year.

Now I am not sure what the Chapala Reporter is but I know it is not a weekly publication and when it does come out I understand it has several articles written by her, but apparently only a few pages of print

Now the Guadalajara Reporter only charges $30 per year for an online subscription. The paper usually has 28 to 32 pages and on occasions 36 pages and it comes out weekly. As I said above, Lisa's Chapala Reporter is not a weekly publication and she sends out not 32 pages but an article or two at some unknown frequency.

So she is also targeting many who do not have Facebook accounts. I would love to hear from someone how much she puts out and with what frequency. The last time I saw Lisa, I said I would love to pay 50 pesos for a copy of her publication. She simply smiled, did not answer, and walked away.

Maybe her email list is long because if you go back to the archives, you will see another whole LJ saga. When she arrived, she made a huge deal she was an investigative reporter , ( check her credential) Anyway she was going to clean up all the corruption here and you would get the TRUTH!!!!!

Really blew her own horn. She wrote a book after being here a very short time  justifying that she felt someone new  (herself) would know best what newbies needed to now. Well if you want the details, try searching them on this board.

She was right about newbies in a new country needing to learn the ropes and just how far she could go. Got herself in a legal mess with the wrong people and some people wanted her deported. SOOOO  suddenly her publication vaporized as did her later endeavors such as selling clothes, Well now she is back. Someone should investigate her never reimbursing her first subscribers when she took her hiatus.  So the champion of truth  isn't quite as honest as she pretends, Yes I wrote 2X and nada.

BTW   I have some experience with publications......the only time you put in a useless survey about doctors is when one cannot find or have any knowledge about quality subjects 

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Just got off Spencer's FB where he and another well known local lawyer were discussing deportation  of Jorgenson and the upshot is that more people need to be forthcoming to build the case which I assume would include the people she libeled and slandered in her first carnation here some of who are Mexicans.

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This is really better than the "who shot JR"  Dallas episode in the eighties.  Will Miss Lisa be able to evict Sue Ellen from the Southfork Ranch and where will her horse take her next.  Is the sherrif waiting for her or not ?

Stay tuned.

Next !

( in Belgium you die of boredom, here you pray for a boring day  )




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