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40 minutes ago, ned small said:

Yes, not just doctors but everything under the sun. You name it,it fails them. Glass is almost empty.


Are you saying that you have superior ways of dealing with life's challenges?  How about sharing them for the benefit of the nearly empty glass folks?😄



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10 hours ago, Jistme said:

Read the article written by Spencer McMullan on Cardiologist fraud, it might change your mind about "blaming the victims"

Your response is uncalled for.


Where can I find this article?

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I avoided getting "took" by orthopedic surgeons, but that ended up being a combination of a suspicious mind and pure luck.  Also, it wasn't a "gotta do________immediately or you're dead soon" kind of situation.  In that kind of circumstance, I can see why people get taken.

I would also like to see the article about Cardiologist fraud.

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5 minutes ago, Jistme said:

Just Google it!       Spencer McMullan article on Cardiologist scam.

It was on Facebook

The Lake Chapala Reporter?  The rag that's running Spencer down? Speaking of scams, I hear the perpetrator of this so called newspaper is in a class by herself.

When I tried to bring up the cardiology article, I got this: This content is for Annual Subscription members only.  I'm not.

Facebook?  You mean the Dark Side??😎

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2 minutes ago, Jistme said:

When in doubt go to the source, send Spencer an e-mail, and ask him to send you  a copy of his recent article on fraudulant cardiologists.

This has nothing to do with The Lake Chapala Reporter. The article appeared on Facebook.


When googled, it brought up the Lake Chapala Reporter as the source. Who knows what route it took to wind up on Facebook?

Since I don't need a Cardiologist, I'll stick to the rest of the scamming professionals who have descended upon Lakeside. Or, as it was eloquently said by a past POTUS:  "Trust, but verify".


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