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Evaporative cooler doing its job, super cheap

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I have a small window A/C unit I brought with me, but it is designed for windows that open Up and Down. The windows here all slide from left to right which would leave a huge gap at tne top if I even tried to have it installed..., any suggestions on how to get it to work?

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As I sit up north surfing the net, wishing I was back lakeside, I notice that it hasn't rained there for a while and that the humidity is dropping. According to the Ajijic weather page the humidity is 28% and the temperature almost 30 C or  85 F.

So TODAY. your evaporative cooler could bring in the relatively dry air from outside and bring it into the house after running through an average evaporative cooler some 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air.

And Dan, in answer to your question above, a local carpenter or handy man would be able to figure that out for you so that the swamp cooler you mentioned above would work

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